Bridges Global

BRIDGES GLOBAL partners with leaders who envision extraordinary results.

We provide a methodology and tools for changing behaviour, developing talent and transforming work cultures.

Clients include private sector companies, community-based organizations, government agencies and UN teams.

Depending on the depth and scope of investment, clients
results such as greater staff motivation, clear vision,
unified focus, re-alignment with goals, ease in dealing with conflict,
reduced silos, high-yield collaboration, enhanced engagement,
less stress and joyful productivity.

Research shows that as leadership capacity expands, teamwork effectiveness improves.

Since organizations are social systems, interventions are designed to support healthy relationship-building – with colleagues, clients and partners.  We provide the infrastructure to grow a vibrant, trusting team culture.

Bridges Global assists organizations that …
  • have stuck teams and inefficient ways of operating
  • promote people with technical but not leadership skills
  • commit to enriching the work culture to support changing goals
  • are exploring new opportunities and innovative solutions
  • intend to ramp up accountability, trust and staff initiative
  • cultivate the seeds of empowered leadership within all
  • needs conflict mastery skill-building to improve client service
  • want to invest in high potential talent for succession planning
  • needs to deepen collaboration between departments/functions
  • are strategizing to attract and retain new staff or partners
  • are struggling to respond to challenging behaviours
  • wants to create an inspiring, learning work environment

Call us to explore how we can support you in evolving your
culture, leaders and team.

What leaders are saying… 

“As a client, I’ve seen Elizabeth in action as she supported several UN teams with strategic planning facilitation and leadership skills. She is a compassionate space-holder in generating the conditions for authentic connection and honest dialogue. The design of her learning experiences enable people to empathetically listen and collaborate. She works at the level of being, not just doing, so people have the courage to speak their truth.” Dr. E. Laurence-Chounoune, UNDP, Jamaica

“For any consultative meeting or retreat, you need a special person who is able to unite the team and create effective dialogue between staff. An extraordinary facilitator is someone who falls in love with your team. We were fortunate to find Elizabeth Soltis. Her facilitation techniques helped our team identify real staff needs and then structure our improvement ideas in an engaging, inspiring atmosphere to help us move forward.” A. Tynkevych, UNDP Ukraine

“Elizabeth engaged more than 100 UN Volunteers with an approach that is dynamic and uplifting.  She modified her methods and interaction to best meet their learning needs.  Her energy levels remained remarkably high.  It was wonderful to see the learners so enthusiastic at the end of the train-the-trainer program, willing and ready to implement their skills.” F. Stitfold, UNV Manager, UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)