Bridges Global

BRIDGES GLOBAL connects with leaders who strive for extraordinary results.  The essence of each service is developing the art and skill of healthy relationship-building. We grow leaders, at all levels, to transform your world.

Clients include UN agencies, government agencies, private sector companies and community-based organizations.

Benefits  include greater motivation and productivity for the organization as obstacles are removed, focus becomes clear, leadership is strengthened and staff engagement improves.

Since organizations are social systems, interventions are designed to support teamwork and healthy community-building, contributing to resiliency and a positive client reputation.

Bridges Global seeks clients who…
  • build relationships on integrity, trust and shared values
  • want to co-create an inspiring learning environment
  • embrace the principles of respect and co-responsibility
  • cultivate the seeds of leadership and human potential
  • become solution-finders in demonstrating a can-do mindset
  • realize that the most important results cannot be measured

If you are interested in creating a high performing organization that prospers, let’s discuss the possibility of partnering.

What leaders are saying… 

“As a client, I’ve seen Elizabeth in action as she supported several UN teams with strategic planning facilitation and leadership skills. She is a compassionate space-holder in generating the conditions for authentic connection and honest dialogue. The design of her learning experiences enable people to empathetically listen and collaborate. She works at the level of being, not just doing, so people have the courage to speak their truth.” Dr. E. Laurence-Chounoune, UNDP, Jamaica

“For any consultative meeting or retreat, you need a special person who is able to unite the team and create effective dialogue between staff. An extraordinary facilitator is someone who falls in love with your team. We were fortunate to find Elizabeth Soltis. Her facilitation techniques helped our team identify real staff needs and then structure our improvement ideas in an engaging, inspiring atmosphere to help us move forward.” A. Tynkevych, UNDP Ukraine

“Elizabeth engaged more than 100 UN Volunteers with an approach that is dynamic and uplifting.  She modified her methods and interaction to best meet their learning needs.  Her energy levels remained remarkably high.  It was wonderful to see the learners so enthusiastic at the end of the train-the-trainer program, willing and ready to implement their skills.” F. Stitfold, UNV Manager, UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)