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This comprehensive six-month learning platform develops powerful leadership in order to effectively address complex challenges in organizations and in communities.


  • To empower leaders to be skilled and effective in producing tangible, positive results
  • To evolve organizations to be efficient, adaptable and relevant in dealing with complex issues
  • To create a network for leaders to collaboratively partner on innovation projects


Every program is tailored to the unique result areas, audience and context of the group.   Possible results include environmental stewardship, climate action, an entrepreneurial-friendly ecosystem, conflict prevention, gender equality, youth and first nations empowerment, improved waste management and poverty reduction.


Complex issues require a different level of consciousness to evolve cultures.  To shift unworkable systems, we also need to break silos and build collaborative bridges with other sectors.  Otherwise, we keep doing the same things and get the same results.   This is the time to invest in a capacity-building effort designed to unleash human potential and impact all levels – individual, organizational and community.

An inside-out transformative leadership approach is the sustainable means to any worthwhile end. This is the doorway to building commitment and inspired action. Enlightened leadership and collaborative partnerships are foundational to co-creating a world we all want to live in.


This learning by doing leadership program enables change-makers to practice new skills and behaviours that catalyze teams in achieving results – benefiting their organizations and communities.  It is a high impact platform that draws on the power of the collective.

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Leaders design and implement innovation projects to move their commitment into action.  In so doing, leaders work together to access the courage to shift systems with game-changing ideas. Ongoing facilitator and peer coaching provides the necessary support to generate real results.

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This unique learning opportunity brings together 45-55 influence leaders to participate in three 2-4 day workshops, scheduled over six months. The group consists of 4-6 participants from 8-10 organizations.  Alternatively,  the group may include different departmental teams from one organization.  For community impact, multiple sectors are engaged; government, academia, business, labor, UN, media, arts, youth, indigenous leaders and civil society.


  • Strategic alliances form, engaging multiple stakeholders with a vested interest in advancing the desired results
  • Leadership capacity strengthens, balancing results with relationships
  • Leadership commitment deepens, translating action into sustainable solutions
  • Innovation projects operationalize, leveraging team talent and organizational vision
  • Silos are broken, cross-sectoral collaborating becomes the norm

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